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Wedding Photography

We work with these 2 local photographers because we LOVE their work!

Father and daughter's first look photo


Still looking for that perfect photographer to capture your special day?  Look no further, you found her!  Jennifer Haese is fantastic.  The images say it all.

What are people saying about Haese Photography for their wedding day?

“Dear Jennifer… I’ve been to many weddings and have been in a few. You are the absolute best photographer I’ve ever encountered. You captured not only the moment, but the emotions of the day. It was a true pleasure to have you as my daughter’s photographer. The first look picture of me and my daughter is one for the ages…. you absolutely made this day more special with your professional manner and attention to detail….. THANK YOU SO MUCH”

Rick DeSalvo

HAESE Photography, LLC




Art of Kairos Photography


How do you want your wedding day remembered?  

Your wedding is an incredible day filled with love, joy and commitment: two individuals coming together to unite and pledge their love for one-another.  Your wedding deserves to be captured in the best light possible.  

The Art of Kairos is the ability to artistically and beautifully capture those special moments on your wedding day and evoke the same emotions years later when the custom album is looked upon.

Call us today to setup a personalized consultation to view our beautiful storybook albums, printed with the highest quality materials, built to last and pass on to future generations.

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