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DJ Rob

Rob Sales PicFounder of Melodies N Mayhem. 

Hello, you might be hoping to learn a bit more about us other than just what we offer. Well here’s a little more about us and how we started.

I am married to my beautiful wife Ella.  And we have 2 children.   Eli & Calliope.

Pictured on the left is Eli, on the right is Calliope.  She was just a children’s hospital last year and the picture was just too cute!

Calliope was born in Feb, 2017.  Ella nearly gave birth while driving to the hospital!  She arrived to Aurora and had Calli just 13 minutes later.  A week after she was born, we were informed that Calliope has a condition called Cystic Fibrosis.

Cystic Fibrosis is a rare condition where the body doesn’t properly process salt.  It’s a very serious condition that affects the digestion of food and the respiratory system.  We have a team of doctors that are helping us understand the condition and manage her care.  She is beautiful and smart, and she is very strong willed!  She is gaining weight and doing really well.  We do breathing treatments twice a day to help her stay healthy as possible.  We are very lucky, and we her like crazy.  Ella and I were shocked to find out we were both carriers for this rare genetic condition.  None of our family members have this condition that we are aware of.  She is a very happy girl and that really helps when we don’t get enough sleep!

I started Melodies N Mayhem in April of 2010.  I had been working in the entertainment industry for a few years with my brother.  I loved weddings and I really loved being a DJ.  Being a part of someone’s special day and getting to celebrate with people for a living by providing entertainment is a dream job for me.  I love it!  I designed this company to provide all types of entertainment, but our primary focus is on weddings.  This has been a truly rewarding experience to be able to provide entertainment for a living.  We have grown quickly and now have a staff of roughly 10 to 12 part time employees during wedding season.  We have multiple DJs, officiants, and photo booth attendants.

These days I spend more of my time running the day to day business than entertaining at events.  I honestly don’t think I’ve been bored in 10 years.  These is always so much to do, especially with two small kids and home.  Ella works to provide us with insurance.  Now with Calli’s condition we really rely on her insurance.

What I’ve learned over the last ten years could fill more than 100 pages, but I will outline a few things.  First, to be a great DJ starts with how much you care about your clients.  I have always treated my clients like family.  When I meet someone, I am looking for people whom feel right for our company and the services we provide.  Trusting my gut with people has really worked for us.  This company is only as good as the people in it, especially our clients.  It’s not about me.  Never will be.  It’s about my entertainers and our clients.  Everything I do is for them, because it’s their company.

I’ve learned through seminars and training how to be a better Emcee.  How to be natural, funny, and use an economy of words to communicate with an audience.  I’ve leaned to use less words, and use them with more power through inflection and delivery.  Everything we do and say is with a purpose and an desired outcome in mind.  I train my entertainers how to play just the right music, at the right volume, at just the right time.

Communication is paramount in a successful event.  We go over everything we do, and why we do it.  Everything we do, play, or say has a purpose.  With single minded focus on details we are able to provide a really great experience for our clients as well as our entertainers.  We have the best job in the world.  We get to have fun and celebrate with people just like us.  We love entertainment, and it shows!  See you soon,

Rob Haupt


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